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The energy certificate in Spain

Posted by Robert Marekovic on 12. February 2024

The energy certificate, also known as the “Certificado de Eficiencia Energética” (CEE), plays a crucial role for anyone looking to buy, sell or rent a property in Spain. It is a document that assesses the energy efficiency of a building and provides important information about how energy efficient the property is. In this article you will learn more about the meaning, obligations and process of the energy certificate in Spain.

What is the energy certificate and why is it important?

The energy certificate rates the energy efficiency of a property on a scale from A to G, with A being the most efficient and G the least efficient. It also contains recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the building.

Obligations for property owners

In Spain, it is mandatory for property owners to present a valid energy certificate if they wish to sell or rent out their property. This applies to both residential and commercial buildings. Without a valid certificate, you could risk legal problems and fines. The certificate must also be stated in advertising materials for the property to inform potential buyers or tenants, i.e. we as real estate agents must also include a reference to the energy certificate in all our real estate offers. In most cases, however, the owners do not yet have one and so it has now become established to indicate ‘in progress’ on the energy certificate. Important: The energy certificate must be available at the latest at the time of sale.

The certification process

The certification process usually involves a visit from a qualified energy consultant who inspects the building and collects relevant data. This includes information on insulation, windows, heating and cooling systems and general building quality. Based on this information, a report is produced that assesses the energy efficiency of the building and makes suggestions for improvement. This report is then approved by the relevant authorities and the energy certificate is issued.

However, the process can often be bypassed as it is both costly and time-consuming. There are now numerous online providers who issue a valid energy certificate for a fixed price of between €100 and €200. It remains to be seen how good or bad the values in the energy certificate are.
One provider is Tinsa, which also offers real estate appraisals throughout Spain. Enter your address details and living space on their website and you will receive a quote, can book the energy certificate and receive a valid energy certificate online in no time at all, without the need for a technician to visit your property.



The energy certificate is an important tool for assessing and improving the energy efficiency of properties in Spain. It provides valuable information for buyers, tenants and owners and helps to reduce the environmental impact and lower operating costs in the long term. Property owners should ensure that they have a valid certificate to avoid legal issues, while potential buyers and tenants should make sure to check the certificate to make informed decisions.

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