Which vehicles need the ITV?

Cars, motorcycles, buses, RVs, trucks and farm vehicles need a valid ITV certificate.

How often is the inspection due?

New cars and new motorcycles have to undergo ITV for the first time after four years, newly purchased mopeds after only three years. Thereafter, the vehicles must be presented to the ITV every two years. As soon as a car has more than ten years under its belt, it must be inspected annually.

Where in Mallorca can I have the ITV done?

There are four ITV sites in Mallorca:

  • Palma: ITV Palma I (Polígono Son Castelló), telephone 971-75 75 57, Calle Gremi Sucrers i Candelers 2, 07009 Palma
  • Palma: ITV Palma II (Polígono Son Oms), telephone 871-57 55 44, Calle Canal de Sant Jordi 1, 07610 Palma
  • Manacor: ITV Manacor, telephone 971-55 50 62, C/ Oliveristes (no number), 07500 Manacor
  • Inca: ITV Inca, telephone 871-57 55 44, Ctra. Palma-Alcúdia, km 30, 07300 Inca

Open Monday through Friday, starting at 7 a.m., with the last appointment set for 6 p.m., and as early as 2 p.m. in July and August.
The fastest way to register for the ITV is online at

How much does the ITV cost?

The fee is based on the vehicle type and fuel type. Currently, the ITV for a gasoline engine costs 34.46€, diesel 50.35€ and motorcycles 24.43€.

Is there a TÜV sticker?

A TÜV sticker as in Germany does not exist in Spain. If the vehicle has successfully passed the inspection, you will receive a letter which should be carried in the vehicle. In addition, a sticker is handed out, on which the expiration year and month are noted, you stick this behind the windshield.

What is controlled at the ITV?

According to European specifications, the following points are examined:

  • Body
  • Interior
  • Vehicle lighting
  • Brakes
  • Steering Clearance
  • Tires
  • Axes
  • Motor
  • Exhaust gases

What if the vehicle does not pass the ITV?

Minor defects must simply be repaired in a workshop, the certificate of the repairs carried out must be kept in the car. In the event of serious defects, the vehicle must be presented again.

What documents do I need for the ITV?

The following important documents should not be forgotten when visiting the ITV station:

  • ID card
  • Vehicle registration document (ficha técnica with tarjeta de ITV)
  • Permission (permiso de circulación)
  • Insurance certificate
  • Driving license

You don’t have to come to the test in person, you can hire a third party to bring the car to the ITV.

What are the innovations?

Since May, car owners have been able to have the second inspection due at another ITV station following complaints about their vehicle. Until now, you had to do it at the same station that detected the defect. However, the deadlines, usually two months, remain the same.

Also new is the abolition of the ITV for re-registration of cars from other EU countries. Until now, it was mandatory to do the Spanish ITV again, even if the vehicle still has a valid TÜV sticker from Germany, for example.

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