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Animal liability insurance in Mallorca – compulsory from 29.09.2023

Posted by Robert Marekovic on 4. September 2023

– Starting September 29, 2023, a new law will go into effect requiring all dogs, regardless of breed, to be covered by such insurance.
– The pet liability insurance covers damage that your pet may cause to third parties.

Previously, the obligation to purchase liability insurance for dogs depended on the breed of dog, with mandatory insurance for dogs classified as potentially dangerous. However, according to the new law on the protection, rights and welfare of animals, the obligation of liability insurance is mandatory for all dogs, regardless of their breed.

What is animal liability insurance and what damages does it cover?

Basic pet liability insurance covers the pet owner’s financial responsibility for damages caused by their pet to third parties. The amount of insurance depends on the insurance company and the breed of dog or cat, and covers both personal injury and property damage. As a rule, the amount of coverage ranges from 60,000 to 300,000 euros and applies to both the permanent and occasional guardian of the animal. This means that even people who occasionally walk the pet are protected by the insurance in case of unforeseen events.

By purchasing this insurance, the owner is covered against unexpected incidents such as bites or property damage. In the event of a claim, many insurers offer not only compensation but also legal support and advice. In this way, you can contact public authorities or private organizations under the animal liability insurance, even if this coverage is offered separately.

Is animal liability insurance mandatory?

Yes, because from September 29, the law comes into force, which requires the conclusion of such mandatory insurance. Therefore, all dogs, regardless of breed, must have pet liability insurance. Before this law came into force, insurance was mandatory only for potentially dangerous breeds and the requirements varied depending on the Autonomous Community in which the animal was registered. However, with the new law, this list will no longer be relevant and mandatory insurance will apply to all dogs.

Potentially dangerous dog breeds

In order to be classified as a potentially dangerous breed and thus meet the requirement for coverage under a pet owner’s liability policy, a dog must meet certain criteria, such as having strong muscles, a broad head and neck, or muscular limbs. Currently, owners of such dogs must provide proof of insurance with a coverage amount of at least 120,000 euros, although this minimum amount can be adjusted accordingly according to the consumer price index (CPI).

What is the cost of animal liability insurance?

The cost of insuring your pet depends on the type of coverage you choose. The average cost of pet liability insurance is about 38 euros per year. A more comprehensive insurance policy that includes veterinary services and protection in case of accidents can cost about 230 euros per year. When looking for the right insurance, a comparison tool like Rastreator’s pet insurance comparison can help you get all the information you need to make the right choice, in just a few clicks.

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