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With dog on the beach – where on Mallorca is it allowed?

Posted by Nadine Marekovic on 7. October 2017
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Dogs love to swim, run through the sand, dig holes and especially roll around in the sand, or as they would say here in Spain ¡rebozarse como una croqueta! (literally, “to bread like a croquette”).

But who goes to the beach with his four-legged friend, risks on Mallorca nasty looks and possibly high fines, if he does that on not approved beach sections.

Currently there are 7 beaches in Mallorca where dogs are allowed all year round:

  1. Es Carnatge (Palma)
  2. Cala Blanca (Andratx)
  3. a section of Llenaire (Pollença)
  4. Punta Marroig
  5. Cala des Gats (Calvià)
  6. Punta des Far d’ Alcanada (Alcúdia)
  7. Na Patana (Santa Margalida).

There are also special off-season arrangements in various municipalities:

  • Andratx, Pollença y Capdepera
    In these 3 municipalities, dogs may be taken to all beaches without restriction in the period from November 1 to March 31.
  • Muro
    Allows dogs on beaches from November 1 to February 28.
  • Artá
    Here the dogs may be taken the longest, from October 1 to 30 Abril. The rest of the time they can be taken to all coastal areas that are not official beaches.
  • All remaining municipalities
    Dogs are prohibited on the beach all year round.

Of course, the same rules apply on these beaches as everywhere else on the island: dog excrement must be removed, in some cases dogs must remain leashed, fighting dogs must wear a muzzle.

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