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The real estate agent law of the Balearic Islands is official

Posted by Robert Marekovic on 10. May 2024

Since May 9, 2024, the much-discussed law of the Balearic Government has been published in the BOIB. Under the guise of the housing crisis on the Balearic Islands, the overpriced rents, the lack of available and affordable housing, a law was published to curb this misery. And in the midst of this, real estate agents operating in the Balearic Islands were regulated. The 13. and The 14th additional provision contains a number of decisions worthy of discussion.


The law is divided into three articles, fifteen additional provisions, a transitional provision, a repeal provision and four final provisions.
Additional provisions 13 and 14 are particularly important for real estate agents. A translated version of the two additional provisions can be downloaded here. This is only a rough translation and is intended as a guide.

Download :: RealEstate_Law_Balearic

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