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Human intelligence vs AI

Posted by Robert Marekovic on 20. November 2023

No matter where you look, there is talk of and about AI (artificial intelligence) everywhere. There is hardly an area of life in which different AI/AI systems from different companies are making inroads. For the general public, the whole thing began in fall 2022 with the release of ChatGPT and the possibility to use it freely. Artificial intelligence is now being used to advertise all kinds of devices, from cell phones and car entertainment to vacuum robots. The integration of AI makes perfect sense for some devices. But the AI hype has now reached a stage where it mainly serves advertising purposes.

Without access to extensive databases, which can be several gigabytes or even terabytes in size, no AI can really work effectively. Therefore, many AI systems are not real AI systems, but merely conventionally programmed applications that only carry an “AI” label.

The real estate industry is also jumping on the AI bandwagon and is trying to score points with AI in various areas and attract the attention of customers. There are estate agents and companies in the real estate sector that are already using AI support to offer customers the right property, among other things. These AI systems promise to know exactly what searchers want based on their answers to a number of questions. But is that even possible?

In theory, the answer is “yes”, but in practice it is difficult for AI to find the right fit. Why is that? Simply put: AI lacks “human intelligence” (HI). In addition to the classic factors such as size, number of rooms or view, numerous other factors play a role in real estate purchases that cannot be captured by AI. It is emotions and desires that play a direct or indirect role in the decision-making process of a prospective buyer.

Everyone knows this feeling: you enter a property for the first time and either like it or dislike it, without knowing exactly why.

“HI” is still the key to advice and preparation for real estate viewings. Real estate agents should put themselves in their clients’ shoes, understand them and respond to their wishes and emotions. The interpersonal level is often the decisive factor and not a purely mathematical approach, as used by AI.

At pura vida estate, we like to use AI to optimize our internal processes, but we rely exclusively on our “Human Intelligence” (HI) in customer service, and will continue to do so in the future.

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