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Electric cars in Mallorca

Posted by Nadine Marekovic on 20. June 2022

Palma wants to become greener as far as road traffic is concerned, the end of the combustion engine is to be heralded.

Quota for electric – rental cars?

If the Balearic government has its way, car rental companies will have to meet mandatory quotas for electric mobility in three years.

The regional climate change law, which is due to come into force soon, stipulates a minimum share of ten percent for electric-powered rental cars from 2020. Thereafter, the quota will increase by 10 percentage points each year until no internal combustion engines are to be registered at all in 2030. Whether this is actually feasible remains to be seen. Currently, some requirements for car rental companies are simply bypassed by allowing them to operate on the mainland.

New charging stations

While politicians in Germany are spouting a lot of hot air about the expansion of electromobility, construction is underway on the Balearic Islands. In the coming years, 300 new electric charging stations will be built on Mallorca, and 200 more on neighboring islands.

More electric vehicles

Cars are just the beginning. The TIB transport company sent its first all-electric intercity bus on the road in the municipality of Calvía last August. Further tests were scheduled in the bay of Alcúdia and also in the capital Palma. This bus is running on a trial basis for the time being to test how it copes with full capacity and the intense heat. The plan is for electric buses to run on shorter routes in particular in the future.
Of course, e-bikes and electrically powered scooters have long been available for rent in Mallorca.

Charging stations

On the website Electromaps you will find not only all charging stations on the island, but also a lot of tips about electric cars.

Parking garages

If you park in a public underground car park in Palma, you can not only charge your electric car there for free, but also park for the first half hour for free. All you have to do is ask the staff to give you a card for it.

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